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[ wptabs style = ” wpui -light” ] [ wptabtitle ] General… [/ wptabtitle ] [ wptabcontent ] I will begin announcing that I’m crazy as a loon. I’m a hard dreamer, versatile and multifunctional. Since my childhood I dreamt of doing great things with little effort, which denotes that I have little patience, and even so I never leave my projects no matter how long they are.

I am a science girl, with the dream of becoming a biologist, space biologist exactly … and if we keep our feet on the ground, a marine biologist . That desire comes from two authors , the russian and fantastic Bulichov Kir, who told the adventures of a girl from the future, Alisa … and the other english, realistic and first biologist- zookeeper, who not only exposed animals , but also preserved them: Gerald Durrell .

Despite being a science girl, I love reading, but I never remember names or dates , which makes me a lousy historian. But I keep what is the best of books, their hidden message, which is unique for each of us . This reading addiction I have, I must thank it to the insistence of my father who banned me from TV the most of my childhood and gave me the classics. These novels , the feeling of not belonging anywhere , loneliness and animals made ​​me what I am. [/ Wptabcontent ] [ wptabtitle ] The beginning … [/ wptabtitle ] [ wptabcontent ]I was born in Communist Russia , which was a paradise for children. Without private property, no fences , with the whole world at my fingertips , my property . Being a foreigner means to not integrate well, so I became a pretty solitary being like a cat, able to enjoy my own company and amuse myself with anything. Hunting mice included …

Once in Spain , the process was repeated again, foreigner, without integration at all, but in a country with private property, which of course, I did not understand. The only thing I learnt was to skip the fences. Also I found here nature, cows grazing in the fields , forests full of owls and rabbits. Deer by the train window . I have met and compared the two and now I am deeply in love with both countries.

I did not finish the study because of a childish tantrum and got to work as a waitress for a large part of my life. Long 10 years or so. But fate or whatever continued shaking me and I had nothing against it . It’s more fun that way. And, due to opening a computer to see how it makes tic tac, reassembling it, suffering several explosions, filling the house with smoke and other adventures, people started calling me ‘a computer girl’. And that is my work now . [/ wptabcontent ] [ wptabtitle ] Future … [/ wptabtitle ] [ wptabcontent ] But that’s not the goal. I still have my childhood dream of being a biologist, but even I become emotionally ready to go back to school and in the meantime I am partially dedicated to my second passion: imagining stories and drawing them. And if we take that, we mix and stir and shake it (and then put out the flames) with my computer work, we get the best hobby in the world: Video games = D

To achieve this, in 2010, a year round and very meaningful to me in many ways, I joined a graduate design and game programming blatantly skipping all the above (selectivity and career computing) where I met the man who is now the developer of my dreams and he accepted me as the designer of his own. And together we make games. So simple.

The rest will come… [/ wptabcontent ] [/ wptabs ]

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